Don't Call Back the movie

The Don't Call Back crew were holding their first rehersal yesterday afteroon.
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Who released the Swine Flu. . . . really?

A piece for The Nothing Collective conspiracy project.

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Here is a really quick thought for you.

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Let me know.


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Where will I be 6 Months from now?

Ask yourself this question today. Think about what your life will be like 6 months from now if you lived without goals other than to get drunk at the weekend?

Would you be happy? A majority of people complain everyday in regards to something in their life they have the power to change.

What could you start doing today to make moves towards even a moderately happier life?

If I met you in 6 months and spent a day with you, what would be different about your life from today? would you be any closer to your goals, would you have dropped a bad money habit, would you have sorted your cv?

A lot of people including myself are clear as hell on their vision for the future, but shouldn't we spend more time making clear the goals we need to reach to make that vision a reality rather than a fantasy.

I am personally teaching myself to code websites so I can offer a new service in the new year. Last week I finished a book on html that was aimed at children of around 10yrs old. Its was a little frustrating to read but I knew I needed to get the foundations of this skill down asap, I needed it explained quick and easy and now I can create basic static pages. I'm now on to CSS and then advanced CSS /HTML - java etc. More for the resume.

What moves are you making to improve your life?


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The Whiney Dog

Here's a real quick one;

A quiet afternoon an elderly man was sitting outside his house with his trusty hound rocking back and forth on his chair. He was just dozing but his dog would whine every now and again and stop him from catching some Z's.

Another dog, a happy dog, walks past the house and as they do (in dog talk) asks the whiney dog "Hey buddy, what you bitching about, why are you making up noise?"

#Whiney dog replies "I'm laying on a nail"

#Happy dog says "well, why don't you move?'

#Whiney dog says "Because it doesn't hurt enough"

You'll have to tap into your imagination a bit when it comes to talking dogs but how often are you in the whiney dog's position and how often are you in the happy dog position?

The whiney dog is in a state of discomfort, enough so for him to bitch about constantly, but he had no motivation to move and take action to remedy the situation.

What things in your life do you bitch about on a daily basis but contribute minimal effort towards to better these annoyances?

If everyday you took one step forwards in an attempt to change the things in your life that annoy you, surely you would be better off?

Saving an extra £5 a week towards the new laptop you think you'll never afford? Working on your graphic design portfolio for that job that keeps turning you down? Placing a few ads and networking to gain more clients for your freelance career.

From today plan what steps you are going to take to make these annoying situtations in your life vanish and focus on being happy.

Leave a comment on what you bitch about and what you're going to do about it, if you have the passion to make it happen.

Do it
Calvin_T x

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Marketing yourself.

Thought while I'm sitting around in starbucks in the morning I might as well blog it up.

I'm going to start leaving little things for you to think about during the day. Hopefully these little thoughts will spark ideas off within yourself.

So todays "bit" is going to be about how you market yourself. Step back and look at your peers or co-creatives. what are they good at? What can you do better than them? What makes you stand out? Do you have a unique selling point "a USP"? What do you enjoy doing that you know you are good at?

Basically. Ignore what you know you can't do for the time being and focus on what you know you can do. Does your profile "online AND offline" project these skills?

Focus on letting people know what you are good at. Improve on your strengths and make them unique to you.

Get on with it.
Calvin_T x

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