Marketing yourself.

Thought while I'm sitting around in starbucks in the morning I might as well blog it up.

I'm going to start leaving little things for you to think about during the day. Hopefully these little thoughts will spark ideas off within yourself.

So todays "bit" is going to be about how you market yourself. Step back and look at your peers or co-creatives. what are they good at? What can you do better than them? What makes you stand out? Do you have a unique selling point "a USP"? What do you enjoy doing that you know you are good at?

Basically. Ignore what you know you can't do for the time being and focus on what you know you can do. Does your profile "online AND offline" project these skills?

Focus on letting people know what you are good at. Improve on your strengths and make them unique to you.

Get on with it.
Calvin_T x

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