Don't think so?
Well it was worth a shot. Deep down I was half hoping I could start a chain reaction and get people a little less scared of the dreaded R word. I mean after all are we still technically in the recession?

Your point being?
The reason I even brought this up was that I know many freelancers have been having some serious down time lately due to client and prospects tightening their belts and making huge cut backs. It would seem the ones that are willing to spend, do so lavishly in an attempt to boost their sales, whereas the ones that are a little less ambitious have literally stopped spending all together.

Marketing Yo'self
So if certain businesses are still spending then how do you get to them and how do you get a piece of that pie? Marketing right? As i and most are aware there are those 3 main marketing techniques.
Cold calling, Direct mailers and Word of mouth. And as it would seem, word of mouth seems to be the most effective at bringing in the clientele. Cold calling seems to be runner up as a pot luck kind of money producer and direct mailers might as well just say "pretty junk mail" as far as people take notice of them.

Other than word of mouth, what other techniques have people tried to market themselves. I'm not just asking designers either, I am directing this to all freelancers as i feel we can learn from each other. Some people attend a lot of networking events and others use twitter to their advantage.

What do you do?
leave a comment to share some of your experiences.


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