The Nothing Collective/1st meeting/Success

The initial meeting for the collective went very well indeed. Unfortunately there were some floating members who failed to show. On a lighter note the people that did make it down proved to be inspirational, motivated and enthusiastic.

From beginning right through to the very end of our journey that day, there were a ton of ideas flying around all of which have been taken into account and will be calculated into a full scale creative outburst at specified times.

It's refreshing to be surrounded by like minded individuals who can visualize the big picture and who are willing to make it happen.

Thank you very much guys and girls for your passionate entrance into the collective. The deadline has been set for the first publication so watch this space.

Will be meeting up for drinky poos this wednesday, so other potential members who failed to make last Sunday, get in touch and find out where to meet.

Peace the EF out.

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