£100 Free Giveaway

How would you like to WIN £100 by doing next to nothing?

During a recession we need a bit of extra cash flow. I thought I would do something nice and help one lucky person out with a present, as i cannot think of anything i need at the moment :-P

The winner will receive £100 (to use as they see fit) and a Large A1 print of my Tribal Noh mask absolutely free!

How To Enter?
All you have to do to enter is Subscribe to my email updates here

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And leave a message in the comments section at the bottom of this post explaining why you feel you deserve these gifts.

On Friday April 24, 2009 one person will be randomly selected from the emails that have been submitted.

*I will announce the winner on Friday April 24, 2009 in the CALVIN DESIGNS RSS FEED + EMAIL UPDATES. I will not be announcing the winner on the website, so you need to subscribe to either the RSS or Email updates to know if you won or not. *

Good Luck people.


  1. i deserve it because im really poor at the mo and just starting up goin freelance like u, soo pleeeaassseee calvin gimme some money, pllllleeeeaaassssee!
    wicked idea by the way
    ps i will use the £100 to completely cure world hunger err maybey well i might by some food with it

  2. I should win cause I have no idea how much money that is and I like your stuff I have no talent like that

  3. I feel that I deserve the 100 pounds because I am about to release my new mix tape and at the mix tape release we will be giving out T-shirts with your designs on.

    I also have a vile of anthrax I will release on a group of small children if I do not receive payment.

    Your friend Calvin Gillam

  4. I am very impressed with the way you work and think it will be interesting to keep up to date on what you are up to :) and who can say no to £100 (especially when the rent is not paid). Really cool idea this Calvin !

  5. i need this £100 because alot like paul, i am skint and as a starving artist i need this money to feed the inner illustrator/artist inside me. without the money the artist will starve and there for die. and lets be honest calvin im not sure you want to be known as a illustrator murderer.... do you ?
    I promise that with this money i will feed the inner artist with ideas and knowledge for future magazine titles and wotever else comes my way.

    Also there is a disturbing hole in my wall of late, which could be easily covered up with a tribal noh mask poster. wich by the way is stunning alot like your self.


  7. Calvin im loving ur work, well done for ur achievements an efforts.. yeh! i need the money cos im a broke ass student wellllll into my overdraft if i hav the 100 squid i will by something intertaining as a reward to all the hard work 3rd year brings illustration students! u kno the score! if we meet up drinks will be on me too so u kinda gettin somethin back ! ay ? love the poster too !! show me the moneyy!! haha ;) XXXXXX christina castelo branco

  8. Awesome work, reminds me of Hydro74 which is only one of the greatest compliments! also, ive maxxed out my overdraft and im trying to afford my Uni rent!

    Hope your well!

  9. Sorry I commented earlier too quickly before seeing your portfolio! I love the first revlon poster on your carbonmade, i really appreciate design using grids !

  10. Dude i you have money to give away, why don't you give it to charity?

    Wouldn't mind that poster though.


  11. whaddup my guyanese brother?.....Now I blatantly deserve it coz you could get really slack at times when you worked at Jongleurs and I did a lot of your share of serving customers (you know I was the quickest!) so....you owe me about £100....lol...if you're not falling for that one then I agree with the guy above about giving it to charity....and I wouldn't mind the poster!....Keep up the creating...x