Google Earth takes you on an art trip to Madrid

Recently Google Earth is now allowing you to check out Hi res images from some of the Prado Museum's masterpieces. The Prado Museum in Madrid is one of Spain's top destinations and with the Google Earth layer you can view and learn about its most famous paintings including The Maids of Honor (Las Meninas) or The Three Graces (Las Tres Gracias).

Prado Museum is the only one of its kind (so far) to allow this kind of access in Google Earth. The detail within these images is phenomenal. It’s more than you could wish for compared to standing 5 feet from the real thing. That’s no surprise considering the paintings have been photographed at 14,000 million pixels (14 gigapixels :-P wow ).

Google Earth has also included the museum interior as part of the new experience. There is a 3D layer allowing you to take a trip around the museum itself.

Check out the video below to see how it works

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